I’m intrigued by the overlooked, the uncertain and the unpredictable. We never know what’s around the next corner — what will happen, or what we’ll see. I’m always excited by the potential, which is sometimes disquieting, sometimes incomprehensible, and so often thrilling.

My practice is intuitive and process based, and mirrors the act of looking for those unforeseen moments. I construct relationships with paint and materials to create improbable combinations with which colors and textures randomly collide to form surprising and odd relationships. I favor color combinations that are not intentionally designed, materials that are used purely out of functional need and shapes that appear from the history of their making. I’m attracted to places on “the other side of the tracks”—urban industrial areas, abandoned buildings, minimalist spaces and clustered housing in foreign lands. In particular, vernacular architecture draws my attention, as it reflects the character of local cultures and their indigenous materials.
Mixed media is probably the best description for my materials and that most often includes acrylic, oil, plaster, spackle and wood. I embrace the pluralistic nature of contemporary painting, and as an abstract artist I am indebted to the traditions of Arte Povera, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, and Supports/Surfaces.
But mostly, I just paint.
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